Go choke on a poison apple, Crowder.
Go choke on a poison apple, Crowder.

Channing Crowder "Couldn't Give A Damn" About Pleasing Dolphins Fans

With Joey Porter long gone Channing Crowder took the spot of the Dolphin's top trash talker. Now with Tedd Ginn Jr. out of the way (thankfully), The Sun-Sentinel's Omar Kelly seems worried that Crowder could also take the place of the fanbase's whipping boy. Crowder didn't help matters by pretty much trash talking fans.

"There are three people in South Florida I need to please, and their names are Bill Parcells, Tony Sparano and Jeff Ireland, and the last time I checked they liked me and I couldn't give a damn about anybody else," Crowder told Kelley after the writer warned him of an impeding fan backlash.

So, basically Crowder doesn't care what Fins fans think of him. Real classy. We'll just say that Miami fans definitely appreciate players of all sports who embrace the city and the fans, and usually don't take to kindly to players who only see the city as a big playground, and think the only people that matter are the ones that keep their pay checks coming.


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