Carnival Cruises Staying Afloat Fine During Recession

I imagine being stuck on a boat with a bunch of cruise ship people is bad enough, but recently returning to Miami I was stuck on a plane full of cruise ship people. Pure airline hell: horrendously behaved toddlers, people eating strange smelling food, and quite a few folks who maybe should have asked for two seats. So while I'm no a big fan of cruise ships and their ilk, I do applaud locally based business getting those dolla' dolla' bills.

The good news is that the cruise industry seems to be weathering the recession alright enough, and today Miami-based Carnival Cruises announced their net profits are up for the first quarter of 2009. The captains of the pleasure boat industry attribute the jump to cost cutting, and offering deep discounts to would-be passengers.

[M&C: Carnival cruises reports first-quarter profits despite recession



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