Carlos Danger Is Real, and He's a Psychiatrist in Miami

Thanks to Anthony Weiner's inhuman drive to keep sexy ladies talking online, Carlos Danger has ruled Twitter this week. The ex-congressman's bid to become New York's next mayor took a hit when a website called the Dirty posted screen caps that showed him explicitly chatting with young women under the hilariously dashing pseudonym.

Too bad for Dr. Carlos Danger. He's a real dude who really lives in Miami, practices psychiatry, and probably never envisioned himself at the center of a national political sex scandal.

The real Danger — who we hope considered a career building giant evil laser devices inside a hollowed-out mountain before settling on psychiatry — operates a Coral Gables clinic called Innova Clinical Trials.


Carlos Danger Is Real, and He's a Psychiatrist in Miami

Danger, who graduated from the University of Miami in 2001 and did his residency until 2005 at Jackson Memorial, didn't return New Times' call to discuss Weiner's misuse of his good name.

We also called Charlie Danger, director of Miami-Dade County's Building Department, hoping he might have a thing or two to say to Weiner about his pseudonym choices. Charlie Danger didn't bite either, but his spokesman did confirm that Carlos is his son.

After New Times first posted a report about the real-life man of Danger, other reporters followed suit. The International Business Times tried and got shot down; same for the Epoch Times. The Washington Post at least got a receptionist to confirm that he pronounces his name just the way it looks and not like "hanger." Gawker, finally, got a terse "No comment" — perhaps because, as the site reported, Dr. Danger is a registered Republican.

Either way, whenever Weiner is finally done offering tearful apologies to his family, friends, and the people of New York, perhaps he'll remember to send an "I'm sorry" to a lone Miami psychiatrist (and maybe James Bond villain) whose name he has scarred forever.


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