Cane Deserves a Whacking

The new CBS series that debuted last night stinks – even if it came with reduced commercials.

Problem is, the damn thing has no sense of humor. And it doesn’t let any of the drama really develop. It just kinda rushes along.

The good news: some of the Cuban accents sound really authentic. Jimmy Smits – as favorite son Alex Vega – has a really cool goatee. Hector Elizondo is great as his dad. And, hey, you can’t lose with Rita Moreno as the matriarch.

My favorite fact, though is that the series debut was sponsored by Chevy, which kept coming back again and again. Now, if you’re up on the news, you know that it debuted on the very same day the United Auto Workers went on strike for the first time in decades.

So let’s get this straight – the show’s about a family modeled on the Cuban Fanjul clan, which runs the American sugar industry – and allows subcontracted workers to be paid slave wages. And it’s sponsored by a company that is battling with its union like never before.

Maybe in the next episode, the crazy Duque clan will fight a union. Or get drunk and kill somebody. Think CSI : Miami or Miami Vice. -- Chuck Strouse


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