Can You Tell the Difference Between NFL Trash Talk and RuPaul's Drag Race Shade?

Amidst the discussion of Michael Sam's coming out is this weird implication among certain NFL types and media personalities that the trash-talked filled pro locker rooms might be just too much to bear for a gay man. As if gay men can't take it or dish it out in equal measure. Have these people ever seen RuPaul's Drag Race? All they do is yell at each other. The only difference is that instead of "trash talk," it's called "shade" and "reading."

So in that spirit we've taken some of the NFL's most notorious public trash talk quotes and mixed them in with some classic Drag Race shade and wondered if your average person could even tell them apart.

A quick note: We've removed a few words here and there that would give the provenience away and changed all pronouns to the masculine form, but the general quotes remain the same.

Be sure to tell us how you did in the comments section.

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