Bubbles the Chimp Is a Florida Retiree

It's sad to think that aside from his children and certain family members, Michael Jackson's purest relationship might have been with Bubbles the chimp. Bubbles didn't care about Jackson's ownership of the Beatles catalogue. Bubbles wouldn't push Michael into a grueling comeback concert schedule. Bubbles wouldn't sell pictures of the icon to any tabloid that would have them. 

Sadly, though, as Bubbles grew up and became more aggressive, Jackson moved him to a wildlife preserve sometime earlier in the decade. In March 2005, Bubbles was transported to the Center for Great Apes in Wauchula, Florida. 

Bubbles, now about 26 years old, has grown to 170 pounds and lives with five other chimps. The center's website reports the ape does share one trait with his famous owner: "He is extremely gentle with the youngsters, especially infant Stryker. In fact, the baby can often be seen riding around on Bubbles' back."


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