Bruno Barreiro
Bruno Barreiro

Bruno Barreiro, Who Took Thouands From Stephen Ross, Removes Super Bowl L Clause From Sun Life Bill

For weeks, the Miami Dolphins have been promising that the team won't move forward with the $390 million renovation of Sun Life Stadium if the NFL doesn't award the city a Super Bowl in 2015 or 2016. Well, the Dolphins caught a break.

A couple of hours ago, during deliberations by the Miami-Dade County Commission to approve a May referendum asking voters to help foot the bill, Commissioner Bruno Barreiro made a motion to change the deal so the Dolphins can do the renovation regardless of whether Miami gets a Super Bowl two years or three years from now. As long as it is a Super Bowl. It could be 2015 or it could be 30 years from today. None of his colleagues or Mayor Carlos Gimenez objected.

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Update: The Commission has voted 9-2 to send the deal to a public vote. In a separate vote, they also backed the deal -- including Barreiro's motion -- 8-3. Voters will now get a say on May 14.

It's no surprise that Barreiro is playing the toady role. During last year's election, he collected $6,500 in bundled contributions from companies owned by the Related Group of Florida, the development company owned by Dolphins owner Stephen Ross. The Dolphins also donated $51,500 to political action committees that helped Gimenez, Barreiro and three of his colleagues retain their seats.

When Barreiro made the motion, Gimenez called on Dolphins Chief Executive Mike Dee -- who as a Broward County resident cannot vote for the stadium deal in a May special election -- to clarify why the stadium deal should not have the Super Bowl clause. Dee said NFL owners could feel Super Bowl L or LI condition might "contaminate" award process.

An ultimatum would "puts us in a much less position of strength" when NFL owners meet May 21-22 to make award, Dee added.

It's the first bait-and-switch on a deal that is stinkier than Biscayne Bay after a sewer line rupturing.

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