Bravo's Miami Docu-Series Not Dead Yet

In April, Bravo announced Miami Social, a reality show, excuse us, "docu-series" that follows five young South Beach-based professionals. Earlier this month, there was some chatter that the thing might not even air. Funny, though, how the show continues to film around town. Funny that apparently Bravo has already aired some promos, or at least that's what we heard, no reason to watch it between ProjRuns. Funnier still is that Bravo's recent releases seem to indicate the network execs have faith in the show, or at least its format. They're touting another show in development called Dubai Project as being in the tone of Miami Social.

We're not saying we're rooting for this sure-to-be-vapid rip-off of always-vapid The Hills to see the light of day; we're just saying we better start getting used to the idea. To be honest, we'd much rather see some locals on Bravo's new upcoming fashion show.

--Kyle Munzenrieder


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