Boxer Brandon "Mighty Mouse" Desrosier Recalls How Friends' Rivalry in Ring Turned to Murder

For Brandon "Mighty Mouse" Desrosier, boxing was a redemption. After a rough childhood in West Palm Beach spent bouncing in and out of  youth detention facilities, a turning point came when a police officer gave him a choice: Go back to jail for his latest street fight, or start learning how to box at a gym.

The musclebound, five-foot-two puncher never looked back and now holds a state belt for his weight class. But he's lived through plenty of loss as he's worked his way up the boxing ranks: A sister and a brother both died.

And last fall, he was a witness to the cruelest blow yet. His good friend Stan Stanisclasse, another young champion boxer, was murdered by his longtime rival, Darrell Telisme. Mighty Mouse found Stan's body the night of his murder.

New Times videographer Adam Hendel caught up with Mighty Mouse to hear his story about Stan's murder, which is retold in this week's cover story.


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