Blog of the Week - the (covert) overt

Few probably know that Studio A, Miami's only mid-size venue, will be closing for good at the end of the month. The blogger over at the (covert) overt reminisces about how much the venue actually meant to the city:

one day when i'm older and telling my kids (if i have kids) about how cool i used to be at their age, about how i'd go see "rock" shows at this little place called studio a. i'll tell them about how there was no other place like it in miami. and i'll tell them about how much my friends and i all loved it. at this point in the conversation my eyes will probably glaze over a bit with memories of great music, blinding lights, asymmetrical hair, expensive drinks, skinny jeans and thick smoke.

Here's hoping someone buys the venue and keeps its focus on bringing great live music to the city.

- Jose D. Duran


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