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Babalu Blog writer Claudia4Libertad praises yet somewhat criticizes President Bush for his policy on Cuban during his term:

President Bush is frequently criticized for not doing more to advance the cause for Cuban freedom. I tend to feel the same way because nothing has changed in regard to Cuban policy and the "Wet Foot/Dry Foot" policy still allows Cubans to perish at sea in order to get to US land. However, he has also kept the castro regime in the forefront by making frequent speeches, awarding Dr. Biscet the Presidental Medal of Freedom, and today, holding a teleconference with dissidents in Cuba (see Gusano's earlier post. ) So, when you look at it in terms of what past presidents have done, it certainly is more significant, although obviously "significant" is relative in this case. I suppose a gesture is better than nothing, and it cannot be denied that President Bush is making an effort to make sure the regime is recognized for what it is.

Needless to say, Bush and the GOP have been experts on keeping Cuban-American voters happy without completely alienating those who are strongly anti-immigration and xenophobic.

- Jose D. Duran


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