Bill Clinton Throws up 'the U'

Bill Clinton was all over town this weekend leading conferences, partying at LIV, looking back on the Elián González saga, being interviewed by George W. Bush's daughter, fixing up homeless shelters, and all that jazz. But really the most important thing he did was place four fingers on each hand upright, put his thumbs at a right angle, and join them together to unleash the noble power of "the U," the mighty hand symbol of the University of Miami.

Captured on Rakontur's Facebook page for The U, the picture was taken while Clinton joined University of Miami student athletes in cleaning up a transitional housing complex. That's Hurricanes QB Jacory Harris to Clinton's right, and as you can see, his thumbs are looking good after surgery.

Clinton's wife, Hillary, briefly held up "the U" at the urging of students during a Democratic primary debate in 2007, while Barack Obama refused. Mike Gravel, however, if you remember that wonderfully crazy guy, went full-fledged with "the U."


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