Bill Clinton Makes Last-Minute Push Against Amendment 2

Riptide hasn't been shy about saying how dumb Amendment 2 is. Passing it would basically enshrine homophobia in the state constitution and capture a snapshot of bigotry that the Florida electorate might very well regret. Remember: Gay marriage, civil unions, and gay adoption are already illegal in this state. Also remember: A vast majority of Floridians supports civil unions, and there's no question this amendment would make enacting them nearly impossible. It would also surely cause a glut in the judicial system because the vague language might lead to a ban on domestic partnerships that could affect straight couples as well.

Barack Obama and former Sen. and Gov. Bob Graham -- as well as prominent Florida Republicans -- have already come out against the amendment, and now Bill Clinton will be joining them. More than 250,000 Democrats will receive a message from Clinton today reminding them to vote no on 2.

See a full transcript of the call after the cut.

--Kyle Munzenrieder

“Hello, this is President Bill Clinton.

I’m calling my friends in Florida today to ask you to vote no on Amendment 2.

Amendment 2 could actually keep people from visiting each other in hospitals or interfere with other healthcare decisions.

That’s why Barack Obama, Hillary, and I all oppose it. Please stay in the voting booth until you find Amendment 2 and vote no.

Thank you so much for helping us defeat Amendment 2 with your No vote.”


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