BET's College Hill: South Beach Premiers Next Week
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BET's College Hill: South Beach Premiers Next Week

College Hill is basically BET's answer to the Real World, but with a lot less transsexuals and eye-liner wearing boys from Utah, and a lot more students from historically black universities. Seven students from throughout the country live together for a semester. In the first few seasons I think they actually went to school together (hence the name), but the later seasons have dropped that. And since, to my knowledge, South Beach is not home to a historically black university, I'm guessing this season will be a lot less book learnin' and a lot more partying.

BET Describes the cast as a follows: "Brandon, the eye candy of the house; Tiffany, the cheerleader; Allison,

the musician; Paul, the Jamaican poet; Kyle, the aspiring publicist;

Milan, the house diva [ed: um, like in the Paris Grey sense?]  and video vixen; Terri, the pageant girl; and

Chris, who has dreams of being the next Sean "Diddy" Combs."

Fantastic. The next season premiers Tuesday, March 24 at 10:00 p.m on BET.


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