Best of Miami 2009

Miami and crime go together like Crockett and Tubbs. This city, after all, has been the backdrop for Grand Theft Auto, CSI: Miami, and that infamous ’80s TV show that became a flop of a movie starring Jamie Foxx. Then there’s the cocaine, grand larceny, and shady banks.

But hey, during a recession, a little hustle goes a long way. Keep reading and you’ll find 336 ways to get ahead in the Magic City. Wanna swipe a parking spot on South Beach? Try Michigan and 15th. What’s the best place to get your heart stolen? Go to Gen Art’s Shop Miami. Where can you drown your sorrows once it’s over? Head for the Fontainebleau.

We’ll also tell you what to do when you’re tired of clubs and movie theaters ripping you off and which art gallery is practically giving away classy stuff.


Best of Miami 2009

All of this advice is free, but if it makes you feel like Tony Montana, you can pretend you jacked it.

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