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Become a City of Miami Zoning Administrator

24 years ago by William Labbee
Do you have what it takes to embark on a new career in the highly skilled field of zoning administration? You might possess the special aptitude required to decipher zoning codes and blueprints, to distinguish a C-1 from an R-1 at a glance, to rule on whether a project requires...

Notes from the Dead Zone

13 years ago by Kathy Glasgow
Vanessa Mills regularly drives her black Jeep to places in Miami not hospitable to a lone woman, or a lone man, for that matter: a trash-pocked lot on NW 17th Avenue, a dilapidated wood-frame house on 81st Street, a garage behind a mostly vacant strip center. Mills will park and...

City Views and Latin News

10 years ago by Alfredo Triff
Adler Guerrier's solo show "loss/entry/return," a series of works on paper and photographs at Fredric Snitzer Gallery, presents an artist in transition. At first glance the exhibit made me think of fireman Guy Montag's remark in Ray Bradbury's Farenheit 451: "It's all about the intellect." Guerrier has always been an...

Midtown Walmart Wins Zoning Appeal, Headed to City Council for Final Vote

2 years ago by Tim Elfrink
Walmart's plans to build a superstore in the heart of midtown Miami are now just one vote away from becoming a reality. The retail giant won an appeal with the city's zoning board last night, overcoming hours of pleas from residents who say the store would turn one of Miami's...

Xiamen Wants to Become the Miami of China

3 years ago by Kyle Munzenrieder
We're not sure if we should be flattered or slightly afraid that Xiamen, a major city in China, has decided to model its future growth after our humble little town."Xiamen and Miami are at the same altitude, and I believe Xiamen has the potential to be a global tourist destination...
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