Be Green if You've Got The Green

Good news for anyone in the area who wants to buy an eco-friendly ride but doesn't want to be cheap about it. Tesla Motors will be opening a Miami show room and service center sometime in the first quarter of next year.

The firm was founded in Silicon Valley (as in: not Detroit) in 2003 to make American made electric cars, and released it's first model, the sporty Tesla Roadster, earlier this year. This isn't a bargain priced whip though (is anything that goes from 0 to 60mph in 3.5 seconds?) The starting price is $98,000, but it only costs $0.02 a mile to run the thing, so that might be some consolation.

If you're interested in the Roadster though, don't wait until the store opens to reserve one. There's already a packed waiting list.

--Kyle Munzenrieder


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