Basil's Greatest Hits

With all the disinformation swirling about his good name, Basil Wainwright often found it helpful to provide acquaintances, and potential backers, with a more objective account of his achievements. Below are excerpts from "The True Story of Basil Wainwright: Humanist, Physicist and Award Winning Inventor," by "historian" Richard Johnson.

"Basil has been Head of Research of numerous international corporations throughout Europe and the United States and has during his research career filed in excess of 580 world patents.

"He was the only inventor ever to win `The Inventors Expo Award' for five separate projects. Many top scientists say his achievements exceed that of Edison, Tesla, and Rife. This brilliant career was brought to an abrupt and dramatic halt in 1980 when he refused to file his weaponry patents in Britain, which would have allowed the British Government to seize all rights to this technology. Basil would not agree to this because a large part of this weaponry technology was interfaced with the plant growth stimulus which he desperately wanted to halt the Third World from pending starvation.

"It is well known the Noel Edmonds/Basil Wainwright case, which occurred in 1981, received three times more publicity than `The Great Train Robbery.' Basil, just like Edison, was dubbed a crook and a con man, all over 21 stupid book-keeping discrepancies. Had this case been held in the United States, it would undoubtedly have been thrown out of court.

"Having witnessed the dramatic efficacy of ozone, Basil decided that there were numerous areas within this process that needed perfecting. A massive research program commenced from which emerged such areas as the definition of concentration to be applied to blood and blood components achieving anti-viral efficacy with no deleterious effects, the perfection of new types of generators, monitors, and treatment protocols, and to date he is responsible for the establishment of four groups of human studies. These significant achievements have of course resulted in the usual problems with the authorities."

Also neglected amid the current legal niggling are Basil Wainwright's inventions. A few gems, as described in Wainwright's patent-ready prose:

* The Linear Ion Array: "This new process enables a stream of water to carry a massive electrical discharge. By using special dual frequency high voltage R.F. inventors, in conjunction with a high voltage d.c. power pack, the ions in the water are made to react in such a manner that the jet of water becomes a very effective conductor."

Application: Process readily available as a backpack riot-dispersal system with triple mode operation (STING/STUN/KILL).

* A.C. and D.C. Plasma Reactor: "A high frequency/high voltage, low current half-wave form component capable of breaking down the resistance of the cell and the elements contained therein, plus a d.c. high current component of the same potential. The latter can be varied to accurately control the temperatures within the reactor without the plasma quenching, as any increase of resistance seen within the cell due to chemical changes or flow rate variations is overcome by the high voltage component."

Application: Neutralization of Earth's toxic waste.

* Charged Particle Process: "Provides apparatus for electrically charging liquid droplets for use in the stimulation of plant growth and/or control of insects."

Application: Elimination of pestilence, world hunger.

* Automotive Sustained D.C. Plasma Ignition System: "Ignition apparatus comprises a switching circuit, wave form generator means for generating an a.c. wave form output, a power amplifier circuit for amplifying the output from the wave form generator means, a d.c. to d.c. invertor, and transformer means having primary and secondary windings, the primary winding being connected to ®MDNM¯the power amplifier circuit for receiving the output, and the secondary winding being connected to the d.c. to d.c. invertor, and the wave form generator means and the d.c. to d.c. invertor being connected in parallel so that during the operation of the ignition apparatus high voltage a.c. from the wave form generator means carries and sustains d.c. which is from the d.c. to d.c. invertor and which is required for the plasma."

Application: Improved engine performance, better mileage.


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