Basement Full of Marijuana Found in Westchester

To be honest, we're more shocked that someone found a basement in Miami than an illegal grow house. Yes, last week, Miami-Dade Police found a home with a makeshift basement that served as a grow house.

When police arrived at the house at 7800 SW 29th St., everything seemed normal by Westchester standards, according to CBS4. However, police were searching for a specially constructed basement-type structure on the east side of the house used for growing marijuana.

According to Google Maps, a street front view of the house
According to Google Maps, a street front view of the house
via Google Maps

Inside the basement, police found 26 marijuana plants growing. They then arrested Leiner Hidalgo, 30, and Luis Florencio Gonzalez Reyes, 55. Both were charged for growing the drug, and Hidalgo is being held on $25,000 bail. Gonzalez Reyes is additionally charged with first-degree theft for stealing the electricity used to run the underground operation. He's being held on $30,000 bond.

Gonzelez Reyes and Hidalgo
Gonzelez Reyes and Hidalgo

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