Baby Baboon Born at Jungle Island

Isis, a four year-old baboon at Jungle Island, is experiencing her first joys of motherhood after giving birth to a newborn baby yesterday. Which means obviously that she already wants to share the baby photos with you.

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Baby Baboon Born at Jungle Island
Courtesy of Jungle Island

"The baboons at Jungle Island are a playful bunch and popular among our visitors who enjoy watching them," said Dr. Jason Chatfield, vice president of zoological operations, in a statement. "It's an excellent sign that Isis -- a first-time mother -- is taking care of her baby. We feel the newborn will make a great addition to the family."

The so far unnamed baby means that Jungle Island's baboon population has now ballooned to five.

Isis is a Hamadryas baboon, which is native to Ethiopia, Saudi Arabia, Somalia and Yemen, but considered adaptable to several climates.

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