Armesto Watch

With election day looming (September 10), excitable Take Back Miami-Dade spokesman Eladio José Armesto is frantically laboring to keep the communist-homosexualist media from perverting his message. Last week he blasted the Miami Herald for "butchering the truth, distorting the facts, and shamelessly censoring" his position. "With all due sympathies for those who feel the need to kiss ass to Herald editors in order to put a roof over their heads and food on their table," Armesto wrote to homosexualist reporter Karl Ross, "please know that the Herald does not fool everyone in town." For the zillionth time he set the record straight: He is not anti-gay, as a Herald headline stated. He is simply anti-including-gays-among-those-people-who-can't-be-discriminated-against. Why? Because to give gays the same protections as others is to give gays "special protections." And if you don't follow that logic, you're most likely a communist-homosexualist and probably in league with the Herald's editors.

As Armesto so eloquently puts it: "Take Back Miami-Dade is not AGAINST gay rights, it is AGAINST extending special protections to ANYONE -- repeat ANYONE -- be they heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, or multisexual, based on their private sexual behavior, orientations, or affectional preferences. What part of ANYONE can't Herald editors understand?"


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