Armesto Watch

Just two weeks before the vote, excitable Take Back Miami-Dade communications director Eladio José Armesto mysteriously dropped from view and stopped communicating. But the spunky spokesman emerged after the latest communist ploy by a group of mostly Republican homosexualists to strike him from the list of honorees at this year's Hispanic Media 100 awards ceremony. "Let's see if I got it straight," Armesto began. "Little bitty me is the reason we're having a referendum on September 10 to repeal the highly controversial 'sexual orientation' amendment? Wow! I'm absolutely flabbergasted that a bunch of buffoons hiding under the pompous name La Coalicion de Unidad Miami-Dade could be taken seriously by anyone, themselves even! What kind of trick are these jokers trying to pull? Why don't we take up a collection and buy them a new joke book? They certainly seem to be trying very hard to make Mao Tse-tung and Fidel Castro appear quite tame and tolerant by comparison. We must profusely thank extremists like these for providing us all with yet more juicy reasons to vote Yes on September 10 for the repeal of the totally retrograde and legally indefensible 'sexual orientation' amendment."


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