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Miami Concert Tickets

From the Print Edition

DJ Laz and the Dinner Key Boating Disaster: Too Many Watery Deaths DJ Laz and the Dinner Key Boating Disaster: Too Many Watery Deaths

By 2 p.m. on the Fourth of July, the bacchanal at Nixon sandbar just off Key Biscayne is in full swing. A few hundred feet from the sprawling waterfront mansions… More >>

Millionaire's Murder Case Opens the Book on Flings With Male Porn Stars, Strippers

"We're finished!" Samuel Del Brocco shouted. The words crashed off the walls of the $2 million mansion, careened across the 500-square-foot swimming pool, and spilled into the quiet Washington, D.C.… More >>

LeBron's Latest Decision Is Just Dumb

LeBron James is not stupid. But leaving the Miami Heat is the King's dumbest decision. It's worse than "the Decision" in 2010, when he moved to the Magic City. He's… More >>

Miami's Hottest Backyard Party Devolved Into Kids Throwing Mangoes at Cops

The arrest report is, at first glance, your standard South Florida fare. Location: a house party in South Miami. Suspect: an 18-year-old kid. Charges: battery on a law enforcement officer,… More >>

A Guide for Miami Fans Dealing With Life After LeBron

Four years and a few weeks ago, all Miami wanted was the return of Dwyane Wade. Heat mascot Burnie was placed atop the sign at AmericanAirlines Arena and refused to… More >>

Reader Mail: Charlie Crist Sucks, but Rick Scott Is Worse

UM's PEDs Not the only 'roid school: I didn't notice in your piece about the long history of PEDs in the University of Miami's baseball program ("Steroids and the U," Tim… More >>

Steroids' Long History at the University of Miami Steroids' Long History at the University of Miami

The following is an excerpt from the book Blood Sport: Alex Rodriguez, Biogenesis, and the Quest to End Baseball's Steroid Era, published by the Penguin Group and released this week.… More >>

The Dubious Diaz de La Portilla Dynasty

The photo is reminiscent of a poster for The Sopranos. Three men dressed in natty suits with slicked-back hair saunter down a dimly lit, brick-paved alley. They leave little room… More >>

Charlie Crist Is No Friend to African-Americans in Florida

The Democratic Party in Florida is such a joke that its best candidate for governor is a flip-flopper. Charlie Crist has been busy reinventing himself as a liberal, but it's… More >>

Amateur Historians Find Long-Lost Army Fort in Everglades

The site had been lost to researchers for nearly a century. Tony Pernas had been looking for a decade. His team had logged nearly 100 search hours just this year. But… More >>