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    The Perfect Game

    "In a story in the March 18 editions of The Herald, Homestead City Manager Alex Muxo's fainting in 1981 was improperly described as a nervous breakdown. It was in fact a physical collapse brought about by exhaustion and stress." -- Miami Herald...

    by Sean Rowe on July 31, 1991
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    Black Grove Feature

    At the northeast corner of Grand Avenue and Douglas Road stands the hulking, vacant Tikki Club bar, in its heyday the scene of shootings, stabbings, and frequent drug busts. After a half-dozen years of disputes and delays, plans are under way to turn...

    by William Labbee on July 31, 1991
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    Cops, Crimes, and Videoptape - Nine months after he seized and erased a private citizen's video cassette, a Coral Gables lawman finally feels the heat

    Coral Gables police officer Alan Davis continues to be haunted by the strange events of last Halloween. That was the night Nancy Frost, a 31-year-old Gables resident, was pulled over on suspicion of drunk driving. As Davis walked her through a sobrie...

    by Eva M. Rodriguez on July 31, 1991
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    Labor Pains - AFL-CIO union organizers are knocking on doors at Jackson Memorial Hospital, and the nurses are flinging them wide open

    In recent weeks Miami's financially floundering Jackson Memorial Hospital has become the principal battle zone in a union war for the hearts and minds of Dade County's 14,000 nurses. Since 1975 a local chapter of the Florida Nurses Association (FNA) ...

    by Sean Rowe on July 31, 1991
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    Her Brother's Keeper - When Mary Dixon's elderly brother wandered off, she thought he'd come home that night. Two months later, when she finally found him, she didn't know what to think.

    Mary Dixon didn't think much about it when her brother, Hosea Wilcox, wandered off after they'd argued in front of her neatly kept Allapattah home. He'll be back in a little while, she thought. After all, the 73-year-old Wilcox had a habit of coming ...

    by William Labbee on July 31, 1991
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    The Last Dance

    The socially acceptable hour of midnight had passed at the farewell party for Club Nu, the exalted mega-disco on Miami Beach, and the marvelous ones had come to pay their respects and be part of nightlife history. Andrew Delaplaine, former owner of S...

    by Tom Austin on July 17, 1991
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    Hock This Way

    The thirtyish black man who stands outside the door of the Cash Dome purses his lips distractedly, idly rubbing the videocassette recorder he holds under one arm. Beside him, his wife clasps and unclasps her hands. Inside the Cutler Ridge pawnshop - ...

    by Ben Greenman on July 10, 1991
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    As Long As it Floats

    Blue-black clouds rumbled overhead as Leonardo Selis and Ricardo de Jongh sifted through the tattered sheets of canvas, torn burlap sacks, half-filled inner tubes, and rusted iron pipe strewn about the front yard of a house in a working-class West Da...

    by William Labbee on July 3, 1991
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    White on Black

    My earliest image of black Miami was supplied by one of my uncles, a man who always looked nine months pregnant in his thin cotton undershirts. Darting in and out of traffic in his Chevy station wagon, he would explain to me the finer points of race ...

    by Eva M. Rodriguez on June 26, 1991
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    FITZCARRALDO: I'm doing all this because I have one dream. The opera. The great opera in the jungle. MOLLY: Fitzcarraldo will build it, and Caruso'll sing the premiere. It's only the dreamers who ever move mountains. Fitzcarraldo, Werner...

    by Sean Rowe on June 19, 1991
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    The Main Drag

    Late evening was bleeding into early night when we passed 140th Street and pulled off Biscayne Boulevard into the semicircular driveway of the Miami Moon Motel ("efficiencies, color TV, air conditioning") in scenic North Miami Beach. A hand-written s...

    by Tom Finkel on June 12, 1991
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    Making Tracks

    THREE WEEKS AGO, when James Brown began recording his first album since being released from a South Carolina prison, the studio was abuzz with the sort of excitement that surrounded his legendary sessions for "I Got You." Three decades later, in the ...

    by Greg Baker on June 5, 1991
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    Wax Marks the Spot

    AIRWAVE: Four years ago veteran radio DJ and production manager Robert W. Walker opened this North Miami Beach studio, which specializes in commercial production - jingles and other radio commercials - and audio for TV. Such work is usually done digi...

    by Greg Baker on June 5, 1991
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    Sound Words

    There are two ways to record music: in analog or digital. Analog is the old-fashioned way. Singers and musicians play their parts into microphones, which are wired to a console, where engineers twist knobs and slide levers (known as faders) to add ef...

    by Greg Baker on June 5, 1991
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    Meet the New Sheriff

    Gloria Leonard, Al Goldstein's friend and colleague, is on the phone from New York City. "Victims again?" Goldstein says to the former pornographic-movie star and publisher of High Society magazine. "It was a setup. You can't win, Gloria." It seems L...

    by Greg Baker on May 29, 1991
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    Play With 'Em Again, Sam

    Forget about those two front teeth. Back in the early Sixties, little Billy saw a TV commercial and immediately knew what he wanted for Christmas: King Zor, the Fighting Dinosaur. While primitive by today's standards, the black-and-white commercial g...

    by Dewey Webb on May 29, 1991
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    Keep Off The Grass!

    Chris, a 33-year-old transvestite hooker with drowsy hazel eyes and a coiffed copper hairdo, looks up from his game of solitaire. "Why am I here?" he asks. "This is where I like it best." Chris's possessions - clothing, shoes, a silk robe, a purse, p...

    by William Labbee on May 22, 1991
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    All Guts, No Glory

    Three days ago, it might have answered to "Spot." Or "Checkers." Or - God forbid - "Pumpkin." But for now, the mutt heaped like soggy coal on the asphalt fringe of Miami Gardens Drive is fetching slippers for a higher authority. Its muzzle, framed by...

    by Steven Almond on May 15, 1991
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    If you drive from Miami up to Surfside and park in the shade of a certain palm tree near the fashionable Bal Harbour Shops, you can watch Leon Weinstein coming home to his bungalow at midday. He appears in a heat shimmer at one end of Carlyle Street ...

    by Sean Rowe on May 15, 1991
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    Michael Finney's Last Flight

    When Michael Robert Finney, a member of a black militant group called the Republic of New Africa, hijacked a Trans World Airlines flight to Cuba nearly twenty years ago, he saw himself as a freedom fighter against racism in America, an angry young ma...

    by Anne Marie O'Connor on May 8, 1991
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J.J. Rendon Overcame an Ex-President and an Incontinent Candidate to Engineer a Win in Colombia

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Commissioner's Wish for a Chinese Consulate in Miami Is a Pipe Dream

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Millionaire's Murder Case Opens the Book on Flings With Male Porn Stars, Strippers

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