Angry Landlord Bulldozes a Mobile Home With Kids Inside in Central Florida

In terms of effectiveness, ramming a front-end loader into a rental trailer home is certainly a good way to evict your tenants. In terms of legality, not so much. Especially if there are children in the trailer.

John Miller has been renting a mobile home near Apopka for about four months to Michelle Valdez, 23. She paid $150 a week to live there with her three children, brother, and sister-in-law.

Valdez was up to date on her rent, but according to the Orlando Sentinel, Miller had become upset over her use of a table at a yard sale. Obviously that's certainly something to become irate about.

Valdez was paid up until December 1 and had planned to stay until then, but Miller had other ideas.

On Tuesday, Miller rammed a yellow front-end loader into the trailer.

"Miller drove the front-end loader into the right, front side of the trailer as Michelle and Bonnie [Peach] screamed for him to stop and telling him the children were inside," reads the arrest report.

Four children ages 10 to 14 were inside. Only the 14-year-old was able to escape before the attack. The ramming caused the roof to collapse while the children were inside.

"Good, then I got what I wanted," Miller told police. Miller also swore at police after they pointed a rifle at him.

Luckily, the children were unharmed.

Miller was arrested and now faces charges of attempted murder.

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