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American Dreams Miami Mall Will Include World's Largest Ski Dome, Art Deco Village, Water Park, Coral Reef, and More

Announced yesterday as the largest mall in America, American Dreams Miami is being dubbed by developer Triple Five Group as the "largest entertainment attraction in the world."

Yes, the mall will end up being much more than a mall.

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Triple Five tells New Times plans are expected to include:

1. Planet's largest ski dome, year-round "powder" in the heat of summer.

2. 7-acre covered lake supplying cool water for the country's largest water park.

3. A separate 7-acre submarine lake where self propelled subs built in the Atlantic explore a live Caribbean reef.

4. An Art Deco Village of gourmet restaurants, live theater, and a Tivoli garden.

5. A London size Ferris wheel with views at the top from the Everglades to the Ocean.

6. Ice stadium for ice ballet, figure skating, and hockey instruction for children and young adults.

All of this is in addition to the Legoland theme park, minigolf, and sea lion show attraction that were reported yesterday.

Triple Five says the mall will "capture the very best elements" of its other properties. Those include the continent's largest mall, the West Edmonton Mall in Alberta, Canada; the Mall of America in Minnesota; and the under-construction American Dreams Meadowlands in East Rutherford, New Jersey, near the stadium where the New York Jets and Giants play.

The mall is planned to be built near the intersection of Florida's Turnpike and I-75 in Northwest Miami-Dade. The project will be within the Urban Development Line, and no county money will be used to build the mall.

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Kyle Munzenrieder