Alligators Prevail in Rematch Against Pythons (Photo)

A 2006 image of the aftermath of an Everglades showdown between an invasive Burmese python and a native alligator has become oddly iconic in all its gruesome glory. Neither animal survived the encounter.

Well, authorities in the Everglades recently discovered a rematch, and let's just say this time it was a clear victory for Team Alligator.

From the Everglades National Park's Facebook page:

Alligators Prevail in Rematch Against Pythons (Photo)

Steve Green witnessed the encounter when he saw the gator thrashing about. After he saw the gator's prey, he snapped a photo and notified park rangers.

"Occasionally, the American Alligator, an apex predator in the Everglades, is seen consuming Burmese Pythons. (And sometimes the reverse!)," the page's administrator commented.

"Clearly, if [pythons] can kill an alligator, they can kill other species," Frank Mazzotti, a University of Florida wildlife professor, told the Associated Press in 2006 when the original photo emerged. "There had been some hope that alligators can control Burmese pythons... This [event] indicates to me it's going to be an even draw."

However, as far as documented cases go, gators tend to hold the winning record, but their attacks on pythons haven't done much to thin out the invasive species' population in the Everglades. The giant snakes continue to wreak havoc on the delicate environment.

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