Al Malschick

Al Malschick

Al Malschick moved from Atlantic City to Miami Beach in 1954 and soon began making a living by taking pictures of celebrities. It was an easy move because his father had migrated to Miami a few years earlier to work as a bookmaker and bartender for the Syndicate.

Countless times Malschick photographed A-list stars, many of whom he later befriended. But he was never considered paparazzi. He always worked in a dignified way for his clients: the Fontainebleau, the Eden Roc, and many press agents, including his old pal Charlie Cinnamon, dean of Miami's PR corps. Of his old photographs he says, "I hate to look at these pictures. They make me too nostalgic. I look at them and I ask myself: Just where have all those old days gone?"

Al Malschick says that chasing Frank Sinatra around Miami Beach was hard work

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