Al Golden Isn't Going to Wisconsin

Fair not, 'Canes fans. Despite another round of rumors that a school was interested in poaching head coach Al Golden, the man in the orange tie has once again reconfirmed his commitment to the Coral Gables school. 

Rumors were floating as early as last week that Golden was being considered in the Wisconsin coaching search, and today a Sports Illustrated reporter Tweeted that he was now a heavy favorite. The reporter then Tweeted that Golden was "flattered" by the interest, but that he'd ultimately stay in Miami. 

The Sun-Sentinel also asked anonymous UM staff about the rumor, and got this typed response back: "NO SHOT HE GOES TO WISCONSIN ZERO NONE NOTTA ZILCH." Yes, caps included. 

Golden's contract runs through 2020, and while he's under difficult circumstance, the general thought is that the future for the 'Canes might be bright once all this NCAA investigation nonsense is done with. 


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