Airport Director Sets Record Straight

Yesterday, I blogged about Secure Wrap of Miami's eight year lock on a Miami International Airport contract to wrap travelers' luggage in a cellophane-type material to deter theft of personal items. The post was based on a recent report by the county's inspector general criticizing the Miami-Dade Aviation Department for allegedly not putting the contract out for competitive bid. Turns out, that's just not the case at all.

I recently spoke with Miami-Dade Aviation  Director Jose Abreu who emphatically denied the watchdog's assertions, noting that his department is going to bid for a new contract this year when Secure Wrap's current deal expires- not 2010. In addition, Abreu provided me a copy of an April 18 2008 memo -- six months before the inspector general's report -- Assistant Aviation Director Miguel Southwell sent to the Transportation Security Administration explaining that the county wanted to solicit bidders for a new contract. So it turns out I was too hasty in calling the department lazy and slow for allowing Secure Wrap to hold on to its contract.

Wrapping services letter to TSA 4-08.pdf


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