Ad to the Trouble

It seemed a black eye for Coral Gables ad firm CreativeOndemanD when Volkswagen recently pulled ads for the 2006 GTI that read "Turbo-Cojones." Apparently they were offensive to some because, um, cojones are testicles in Spanish. The ads were replaced with the pathetic "Kick a little gracias" (Get it?) and "Here today. Gone tamale." (You'll never get this one.)

But we think the firm should have gone further. Maybe "Takes you from el carajo to 50 in 0.5 seconds" or "Puta pedal to the metal in the 2006 GTI" with, you know, a slut in the background.

Or perfume companies could peddle their stuff with "This will really get his pinga swingin'!" And why stick with only Spanish? Maybe plug cell phones using Yiddish: "Shlong time, no see." Or sell Pampers in French: "Really bad mierde for your little one."


Volkswagen's offensive ads


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