A Sad Story of "Smell Yo Dick"-Inspired True Crime

Ugh, I just made my "Favorite Songs of the Year" list because I feel the need to make those types of things, and how could I forget the masterpiece "Smell Yo Dick"? It would be the song of the year for this or any year.

Sadly, I was reminded of the song by a real-life crime drama out of Port St. Lucie. A lady asked to "smell husband's genitals," as this TCPalm headline puts it, to determine if he was having an affair. Instead she got punched in the face, and the cops have a warrant out for the husband's arrest. She apparently got upset, though, when she learned her husband could be arrested.

The video for the song by Florida rapper Riskay was shot in Miami, but embedding is forbidden from YouTube, so here's a nice acoustic cover.

-- Kyle Munzenrieder


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