A-Rod's Asking Price? Not With this Market

A-Rod's Asking Price? Not With this Market
via TMZ
via TMZ

Joan Fleischman isn't completely gone from The Herald, and is reporting that Alex Rodriguez and his soon to be ex-wife just listed their Coral Gables mansion for $14.876 million. That's almost $3 million more than what they bought it for in 2004.

Even the upper ends of the market aren't immune to the real estate implosion, and unless someone's on the hunt for the ultimate A-rod souvenir, it's hard to imagine it ending up selling for that much in this economic climate.

Last Year A-Rod was rumored to be interested in buying Shaq's Star Island spread for $25 million. It originally went on the market for $35 million, though Shaq only paid $18.8 million for it in 2004. A-Rod backed out, and unsurprisingly, it's still sitting on the market.

Given the divorce, the couple may not want to have this thing languishing with a for sale sign out front forever, so expect the mansion to sell for well under the listing price.

As for where Madonna's going to stay when she brings her concert to town in Decemeber, don't worry. Joan says that A-Rod is rumored to have found another Star Island address.

--Kyle Munzenrieder

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