A New Type of Fantasy Football League

A New Type of Fantasy Football League

Does not Miami deserve a football team that can bring us true glory, and not just the occasional feel good win? At the very least a team who would be enjoyable to watch whether they won or not.

Enter The Miami Caliente (uh, The Miami "Hot"?), one of the inaugural teams of the Lingerie Football League. Yes, the Lingerie Bowl has expanded into a full on 11 team league. The season kicks off in the spring, and the girls will be playing 7 on 7 tackle football, with games airing on cable.

Miami already has a female tackle football team, The Miami Fury, but their luck has been as spotty as their male counterparts. Perhaps the Caliente will give us a winning team, but if they really wanted to stack the decks they should have recruited some of the Amazons we profiled in last week's issue.

--Kyle Munzenrieder

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