'72 Dolphins Advice to Saints and Colts: "Lose a Game"

The legend goes that every year the '72 Dolphins pop a bottle of champagne when the last remaining undefeated team looses. Typically, at this point in the season that mythical toast would have come and gone by now. Somewhere, Mercury Morris is getting nervous.

As anyone even vaguely paying attention to the gridiron knows, both the New Orleans Saints and the Indianapolis Colts are 13-0. The '09 Dolphins did nothing to defend their fore-Fin's honor, losing to both teams.

The other unsettling point: this year's Super Bowl is of course in Miami. Meaning the Fin's most prized bit of franchise history could be overtaken in their own current stadium.

'72 Dolphins QB has some advice for both unbeaten teams: "But the bigger advice that I would say: lose a game before the end of the season. You're team will go into the playoffs and have the best of chance of winning because that monkey won't be on their back."

Both teams have easy remaining schedules, so a loss would come as extra embarrassment. The Colts have the Jags, and then a tour of the bottom half of our AFC East.

The Saints have mediocre Cowboys and Panthers, plus a visit from the 1-12 Buccaneers (I know I've been taken to task for my inherited Bucs-tendencies on this blog before, but look, here's a decent excuse for you too to root for the Bucs).


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