25 Reasons to Be Glad Miami Doesn't Have a Real Fall

25 Reasons to Be Glad Miami Doesn't Have a Real Fall
Photo by Bahman's Flickr | CC2.0

It's the first week of fall ... or autumn. We're not sure. Some people are so obsessed with this season that they've given it not one but two different names while using it as an excuse to put pumpkin spice on everything and knit mittens while drinking hot chocolate around a bonfire or some nonsense.

Seriously, people in other parts of the country go crazy for fall. We're not really sure why. That time of year in South Florida is just summer 2.0 but with the added bonus of slightly less bugs and humidity. It really wasn't hard actually to come up with 25 reasons why we're glad that we don't have a real autumn.

1. Because there's no such thing as pumpkin spice cafecito ... you don't mess with perfection.

2. Deep red, burnt orange, and drab browns really clash with neons and bright pastels.

3. We're not sure what's more basic at this point: wearing Uggs or talking about how ugly Uggs are. Whatever the case, the fact Miami has no real season contains this discussion to a few weeks during January and February.

25 Reasons to Be Glad Miami Doesn't Have a Real Fall
Photo by Justin Namon

4. Chilly weather never infers with our right to wear the skimpiest Halloween costumes ever.

5. It's the only time of year when our weather is good but there isn't a giant influx of tourists... because they're all busy up north enjoying their precious, precious fall.

6. Dulce de leche > caramel

7. We don't have to deal with coat checks, which seriously seems inconvenient. I don't want to wait in a line to get into a club and then wait in another line to check my coat only to have to wait in line again when I want to get it back and leave.

8. Cold weather clothes are expensive as hell, and we'd rather have one jacket and a few hoodies we repeat every year than an entire fall and winter wardrobe.

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