20.8 Percent of Floridians are Uninsured: Fourth Worst in the Nation

More than one in five Floridians don't have health insurance, according to a new report by the US Census Bureau. That's almost the worst in the nation. Only three other states -- Texas, New Jersey, and New Mexico -- have a higher percentage than Florida's 20.8. Massachusetts, meanwhile, has the lowest rate of uninsured people in the country, with only 4 percent. 

A shocking 17.5 percent of Florida's children are uninsured.

And those who do have health insurance might be paying through the nose for it. 

A report released by the White House, using data from the Kaiser Family Foundation, showed that while wages grew by only 35 percent in Florida in the past decade, health insurance premiums for the average American family grew by 121 percent. The average premium has grown by $7,584 in the past ten years. 

Of course, if you don't think Florida needs to take part in national health insurance reform, be sure to join the group of right-wing Republicans supporting a state amendment that would basically allow Florida to ignore any federal reforms


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