Young Jeezy at Mansion October 22

Young Jeezy's fourth major-label slab, reportedly titled Thug Motivation 103, was supposed to drop sometime in 2009. But soon the rapper pushed back the release date to June 2010 before flip-flopping with a guesstimate of July. Then, a couple of months ago, the world was told to expect Lil J's street opus September 28. Unsurprisingly, plans have changed again.

So we wonder: Could TM 103, as it's known among insiders, be Jaylen Jenkins's Chinese Democracy? Probably not. He doesn't really seem the type to lock himself away for 15 years, diddling strippers and fiddling with knobs. However, it wouldn't be a bad idea for Jeezy watchers to generally disregard the new, supposedly definite street date of December 14. Until we see 103 on Christmas special at FYE, it's all just hype.

While we wait for the full package, though, there are plenty of scraps to scrutinize, such as last spring's promo mixtape Trap or Die II: By Any Means Necessary, the first official single "Jizzle" featuring Lil Jon, and this Friday's live show at Mansion. So listen between the lines, hit the club, and try to telepathically extract some truth from Jeezy's iron-trap mind.


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