Young Circles at Grand Central March 5

First, they were Stonefox, a three-piece kicking ass around South Florida with an amped-up brand of swamp rock that was precociously sharp for these parts. Then they added a fourth member, kind of broke up, and regrouped again as a three-piece called Blond Fuzz, playing more of the same. That didn't last too long, though. And now these bright hopes of the local scene are known as Young Circles, a name change that also marks a dramatic change in sound.

Perhaps all the intra-band tumult gave the guys a tempered perspective on life and music, because Young Circles is a far subtler, more intricately layered journey into wandering, galactic psych-rock. The band's love of vintage sounds still lingers; there's a distinct '60s British sensibility to both the slow, jangling instrumentation and slightly nasal croon of frontman Jordy Asher. But it's all freshened up with some very 2k11 synth work. Imagine if the Seeds got their hands on the latest technology, or if the Chemical Brothers and Oasis continued to explore occasional collaborations.

Now all Young Circles needs is some sitar.


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