Yo Gotti at Revolution Live August 17

Fame doesn't happen overnight; patience is key to success. And few MCs have been as tolerant of the music industry's fickleness as Yo Gotti. In January, the Memphis-based rapper finally dropped his major-label debut, Live From the Kitchen, on RCA. It was three years past due. "I always like to be on deck," Gotti told New York City radio program The Breakfast Club before admitting he's contractually restricted from unloading the backlog of music he's amassed during his ten-year rap career. Gotti was on the Power 105.1 morning show promoting the Road to Riches tour and cryptically discussing his dissatisfaction with current label Polo Grounds. "If you got the right situation with the right team, maybe it will work," he said. "Mentally and physically, I'm doing what I do." And that means touring, dropping mixtapes, and "keep[ing] the bread moving" as best as he knows how.


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