Ying Yang Twins

Hip-hop has always had a soft spot for outlandish, over-the-top antics. With that in mind, you kinda wonder why more artists don't take aim at this big fat target. Atlanta's Ying Yang Twins, on the other hand, have this part of the hip-hop universe in their laser sights, driving that point home in 2000 with the oddball club hit "Whistle While You Twurk." Their new album Alley shows that the Southern club lunacy angle is practically inexhaustible, while proving that the Twins are more than just one goofy hit. Musically the Twins (D-Roc and Kaine) aren't adding a whole lot new to the ATL bass catechism -- long-time bass guru DJ Smurf provides them with above-average tracks that hit all the right buttons, though no new ones. The Twins' selling point is their off-the-hook personalities -- driven home by tunes like "Say I Yi Yi" and "Twurkulator" strip-club themed workouts that are so silly you'll have to dance to keep from giggling to death.


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