For a band that is considered a side project of the members of Miami-based Locos por Juana, Xperimento has done quite well for itself. In the six years since the group's inception, it has earned a Grammy, been voted best local band by New Times, and even landed once on the BBC news. Formed by CheFunk (trumpet), Negro (guitar), Chamo (bass), Itagui (vocals, cowbell), Alan (congas), LaKambra (drums), and Marc (guitar), Xperimento expertly blends various musical styles from the bandmates' home countries. The guys hail from Colombia, Venezuela, and Argentina, and they weave reggae, cumbia, rock, reggaeton, and traditional Latin beats into their compositions. A good example of this is "De la Siempre," an incredibly laid-back rumba that mixes Afro-Cuban sounds with subtle electronic beats. "Aire" is a strange crossover between Brazilian-style reggae and hip-hop that features jazz-inflected trumpet riffs from CheFunk, who plays against lyrics that speak about the immigrant experience of "living in a land where one can never sleep." "Tuskumbia" is more psychedelic cumbia, with a few touches of mariachi for good measure. Such an eclectic mix might sound strange when described in writing, but rest assured it works at live shows, which is why Xperimento keeps packing 'em in every Wednesday at Jazid.


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