Wu-Tang Reunion Tour

If this blurb about the much-anticipated Wu-Tang reunion show were written in Wu-Song Format, it'd go something like this: First a clip from Scarface would play. Next we would hear some people get into an argument about how someone is trying to "rob their gate." Then there'd be gunshots for about a minute. Finally the whole thing would jell in a series of well-crafted rhymes. The rare chance has come to see the cultural icon that is the Wu live on its reunion tour. The reuniting of Wu-Tang seemed like an impossibility until recently. Method Man, who has had a wildly successful solo career and has starred in blockbuster films such as Garden State and How High, expressed his hesitance about collaborating with the Wu in an MTV interview in 2004, inciting an angry response from another Wu-Superstar, Ghostface Killah. Members have also been busy working on highly anticipated solo albums, such as Raekwon's Only Built 4 Cuban Linx 2. But the miracle happened, and one of the most influential musical acts in recent history is upon us.


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