Worst Songs of 2012: Lil Wayne to LMFAO

Wow, y'all.

Another year has come and gone. But what do we have to show for it?

Sure, we had a lot of fun. We discovered a lot of new, hopeful artists and said goodbye to a few favorites. But we also saw the rise of some terrible pop bullshit and we were forced to listen to some of the worst manufactured dance beats ever.

Now, because we here at Crossfade like to stay super-positive, we're going to take this moment to remember the bad times. And then hopefully forget about them for all eternity.

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Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe"

All year, everyone was like, "I hate that song." But somebody must be lying, because it has more than 356 million views on YouTube since March 1. This song is catchy to a fault. It literally buries itself into your brain and lays little echoing eggs. We'll be singing it for the rest of our lives.

Chris Brown's "Don't Wake Me Up"

Everything about Chris Brown this year was annoying. If we have to read one more story about he and Rihanna's absurd media-circus relationship, we might do something that can never be taken back. This song makes us feel the same way. That Auto-Tune? Those lyrics? The cheesy rhythm? It's all just too much.

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