WMC 2009: Video of Public Enemy at the Red Bull Music Academy at the Wolfsonian, 3/24

WMC 2009 Public Enemy from Miami New Times on Vimeo.

Yesterday's officially sanctioned WMC 2009 Public Enemy event, South Beach Sessions: The Terrordome Revisited, put DJ Lord, Chuck D and Professor Griff in a close-quarters Q&A session moderated by New Times music editor Arielle Castillo. The talking was followed by an impromptu performance. A crowd of fans included a legendary figure named Grand Master D, the Whodini DJ who helped pave the way for arena rap shows by playing to large crowds on nationwide tours during the groups' heyday.

We're encouraging anyone who wants to download the above video, remix it, tag it graffiti style, and upload their version as a video response to our YouTube version should:

Watch Here

Download Here

keep going to see the first remix..........


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