Willie Nelson's Ten Weed Commandments

Wiseman Willie, Padre Nelson, the potheaded stranger.

He's known by many names, but this country legend and social activist has remained steadfast in his singular devotion to Mary Jane for nearly 60 years.

He's been busted. He's been badgered. But he's never backed down. And by God, everyone's favorite pothead prophet will keep on spreadin' the good word about the sweet leaf till the day he takes that last, lovely drag.

These are Willie Nelson's ten weed commandments.

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She Is the Herb, Thy Love

Have you met Mary Jane? She's tall. She's sweet. She's fine. She's all-natural. And she smells like heaven. Willie smooches her almost every day. And there's nothing sinful about it. "I think people need to be educated about the fact that marijuana is not a drug. Marijuana is an herb and a flower. God put it here. If he put it here and he wants it to grow, what gives the government the right to say that God is wrong?" Preach, padre!

Thou Shalt Have No Others Before Her

As a young buck, Willie was a booze hound, a pill head, and a chain smoker. But once he felt the warm, comforting embrace of Mary Jane, he gave up all those harmful habits. "In the early years, I drank all the time. Mainly before pot," he confessed to High Times in 2005. "Up until then, I was into whiskey and uppers." But sweet Mary gave him a chance to change. "I was killing myself with cigarettes, and I knew I was really putting myself in danger with drinking so much, so somewhere along the way I decided, 'Wait a minute! You know, do what you can do.' " That's when Willie made his choice. He decided to worship the queen of all weeds. And only her.

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