Who Wants a Free Uncle Luke 4 Mayor T-Shirt With Bonus Poster and Sticker Pack?
DJ Stephanie Turk and the honorable Luther Campbell.

Who Wants a Free Uncle Luke 4 Mayor T-Shirt With Bonus Poster and Sticker Pack?

Madame Turk loves spinning booty music. So when she found out Luther Campbell, the godfather of her signature sound, was running for the top elected post in Miami-Dade County, she sprang into action.

She's the mastermind behind those bold UncleLuke4Mayor.com tees popping off the shelves at Sweat Records in Little Haiti and Shoe Gallery in downtown Miami. Turk tells Crossfade she came up with the idea as a way to capture a pretty dope moment in Miami history and launch her brand, "I Am Miami."

"2 Live Crew and DJ Laz inspired me to be a DJ," Turk says. "The idea for the tee just popped into my head. It's pop culture commentary."

Selling for $25 a pop at the aforementioned stores and online, the white tees feature bold letters in Uncle Luke's favorite colors of orange and green. Turk has also made posters and stickers. "I will donate a portion of the proceeds to his campaign," she says, noting she is not officially affiliated with Campbell's campaign. Nevertheless, she says, "It is a fun thing to be a part of."

Turk says Sweat and Shoe Gallery have ordered up more shirts and that "I Am Miami" will be releasing a second t-shirt giving props to the Miami Heat soon. On May 14, she'll be handing out an Uncleluke4mayor.com mixtape during a fundraiser for Campbell's campaign at Eve Nightclub with Notorious Nastie.

She was also gracious enough to give Crossfade a large UncleLuke4Mayor.com t-shirt, a poster, and a pack of stickers to give away. The first reader to correctly tell us the name of the all-female rap group that was signed to Campbell's label Luke Records during the 1980s gets the prize!

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