Whitney Houston May or May Not Have Drowned, These Five Musicians Did

Whitey Houston, dead at 48.

While the cause remains unknown, the circumstances surrounding the singer's untimely death suggest that she may have drowned in her Beverly Hilton hotel room after falling asleep in the bathtub.

It goes without saying, Xanax and bubble baths don't mix well. And neither does drinking and diving, or swimming in the Mississippi River while singing "Whole Lotta Love."

Several musicians have drowned throughout history, many of whom were far too young. Check out our list of pop stars, rock and rollers, jazz musicians, and singers who've drowned.

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5. Jeff Buckley

Singer-songwriter Jeff Buckley was waiting for his band in Memphis when he decided to take an impromptu swim in the Mississippi while belting out "Whole Lotta Love" in 1997. Sadly, he was caught in the wake of passing boat. A week later, his lifeless body was found near a riverboat.

4. Dennis Wilson

Like several of his Beach Boy brothers, Dennis Wilson enjoyed boozing. Unfortunately, Brian's younger brother drowned after at Marina Del Rey after a day of drinking.

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