Four down, one to go
Four down, one to go

What's Funny?

These days everything punk comes in Sam's Club sizes — numbers of bands at shows, for instance — and at count-em-27 songs, drummer Marky Ramone's Start of the Century two-CD set includes Ramones covers and pretty much everything the Intruders ever put on tape in the Nineties.

Rancid's Lars Frederiksen produced half the album between sushi-bar binges with Marky, punctuated with the two guys trading lines from Goodfellas. "Marky is a funny motherfucker," says Fredericksen. "He's the first to crack a joke or make a silly face with a silly voice to follow, which shows just how real a person he is."

The last living Ramone will be hatting out to Europe and elsewhere following this U.S. tour. It's an anything-goes show whose constants are Ramones covers, but you're always liable to hear renditions of whatever is dear to Marky's heart at the moment, such as the Kinks' "Better Things." — Eric W. Saeger


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