Was Barack Obama in Tag Team's "Whoomp (There It Is!)" Video?

Ahhh, the early '90s: A time for plaid shirts, grunge, cheesy pop hits, and rump-shaking. And, of course, Tag Team. The Atlanta duo's hit "Whoomp (There It Is)" hit number two on the pop charts in 1993, and is certified four-times platinum in the U.S. with sales of over 4 million copies.... But did President Barack Obama have a cameo role in the video as a mobile phone-chatting, domino-playing extra?

Gawker broke the story over the weekend, mentioning that several meme sites have noticed the same resemblance. For one, Obama does have well-documented fondness for hip-hop, and he does have a history of hip-hop cameos as recent as 2008, when Q-Tip sampled one of his speeches. But commenters on several sites have taken it a little too far, even mentioning that the "man in question" is playing dominoes with his left hand, and Obama is in fact left-handed.

On the other hand, Obama was really involved in community activism back then, and we're not really sure if he would have had the time to film this two-second role. Plus, we'd think he'd be wearing some kind of Chicago memorabilia -- like a Bulls hat-- and not a Compton one. Just a thought.

Still, feel free to waste a couple minutes by checking out the video below, and pay particular attention at 1:01.


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